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Diego Martino
Diego is a Senior Analyst at the Latin American Centre for Social Ecology (CLAES), located in Montevideo, Uruguay. CLAES, a UNEP Collaborating Center, is an NGO working on action-research and the education on social ecology.

Diegos research is focused on the interrelationship between social and cultural systems, with an emphasis on conservation and environmental ethics. He has conducted field research on social perceptions of nature and protected areas, and the implications these perceptions should have for conservation management. He has particularly focused on conservation in urban areas, with experience in cities as diverse as Los Angeles and Castillos, a small urban area located within a Biosphere Reserve in Uruguay.

Beside his link to GEO-4, Diego has been working in other GEO projects, including GEO Yearbooks, GEO Latin America and the Caribbean, and the coordination of GEO Uruguay, which will soon be launched.

Diego holds an MA in Geography and a Ph.D in Geography and Environmental studies from Carleton University, Canada. His post-doct was conducted at the Geography Department of the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles.

Diego will answer questions in English and/or Spanish.
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