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Elizabeth Migongo-Bake
Elizabeth Migongo-Bake is a member of the Global Environment Outlook (GEO) team in the Division of Early Warning and Assessment, (DEWA) at UNEP, that has the responsibility for the over-all development of UNEPs fourth Global Environment Outlook (GEO-4) assessment report, on reviewing the status of the global environment. Her more direct responsibility in the process has been coordination of the development of the biodiversity component of the report; providing support on the land and forestry component; and, coordinating the enhancement of collaboration between GEO-4 process and MEAs to strengthening the scientific basis of assessment and reporting in line with UNEPs Governing Council mandate for GEO-4 process.

Elizabeth has over 20 years professional working experience with more than 13 of these with the UN (UNEP).She has over 20 publications and contributions towards integrated natural resources management and use, including in the UNEPs World Atlas of Desertification, second edition. Her other professional responsibilities and experiences at UNEP include coordination of the Social Dimensions and Success Stories in Land Degradation Control a global initiative at UNEP (1993-2000), with several publications and awards, and that led to the development of a prototype, Best Practices and Success Stories Global Network(BSGN) by UNEP, to address success stories in other environmental thematic areas. She has also management the implementation of several projects and assessments, and contributed to related high level regional policy interventions issues, in Africa and Asia and Pacific on water management, renewable energy, soil water conservation, biodiversity conservation and protection, forestry (afforestation), and land tenure (2000-2004).

Prior to joining UNEP Elizabeth worked professionally the CGIARs, first the International Livestock Centre for Africa (ILCA now ILRI) in Ethiopian southern rangelands, and then the International Centre on Agroforestry (ICRAF), both in contributing to the development of the Agroforestry blueprint for the Centre, and spearheading the implementation of its programme in Northern Cameroon.

Elizabeth has parallel PhD in Ecology and Natural Resources Management, and International Forestry (CSU, USA), an MSc in Biology of Conservation and a BSc in Terrestrial Ecology (both at the University of Nairobi).

Elizabeth is an avid Scuba diver, enjoys discovery travels to little known places and historical reads, singing, loves classical music, theatre and Opera. She is Kenyan-born, a German citizen by marriage, and has one daughter.
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