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Waleed Khalil Al-Zubari
Dr. Waleed Khalil Al-Zubari currently holds the position of professor in the Desert and Arid Zones Sciences Program, College of Graduate Studies, Arabian Gulf University (AGU). Since joining the University in 1990, he has taught more than 10 different courses in the areas of Water Resources Management and Planning in Arid Regions, Numerical Modeling of Flow and Contaminant Transport in Groundwater and Unsaturated Zone, Groundwater Protection, Groundwater Engineering, Geostatistical application in Groundwater Hydrology and Pollution, Water Resources Management in Arid zones, and Planning of Water and Environmental Awareness Campaigns.

He has published more than 45 papers in refereed journals, conferences and seminars in the fields of Groundwater resources development, management, and planning, use of numerical modeling in the assessment, development, and management of groundwater system, and geostatistical mapping methods applied to groundwater hydrology and pollution, and stochastic groundwater modeling. He has also initiated and conducted a number of training courses at AGU.

Dr. Al-Zubari is the Editor-in-Chief of the regional Arabian Gulf Journal of Scientific Research (AGJSR) since September 2006, and he serves as a referee for many regional and international journals.

Dr. Al-Zubari served as a member of the UNESCOs Theme Advisory Board (TAB) for the International Hydrology Program, IHP-VI, Paris (2002-2007), and is serving now as a member of the Global Working Group for UNESCOs Water Education.

Dr. Al-Zubari has been active in the Water Science and Technology Association (WSTA), a Water-related NGO organization in the GCC countries, and has made contributions to the water scientific committee, as he served as the Chairman of the Scientific Committees of the WSTA Third (Oman, 1997), Fourth (Bahrain, 1999), Fifth (Qatar, 2001), and Seventh (Kuwait, 2005) Gulf Water Conferences. He was elected as the president of the WSTA (2001-2003), and he chaired the WSTA Sixth Gulf Water Conference held in Riyadh in 2003.

GEO Contribution
Dr. Al-Zubari has contributed to UNEPs GEO-2 and GEO-3 Reports. In GEO-4, he served as the Supervisor of the project at AGU (GEO Collaborating Center). He is the Lead Author for West Asia section in Chapter 6 of GEO-4 (Regional Perspectives) and the Lead Author for West Asia Section in Chapter 9 of GEO-4 (The Future Today).
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