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Yibin Xiang
Yibin Xiang is a Programme Officer of the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, focusing on financial resources and mechanisms in support of the Conventions implementation. He started to work on financial management of natural resources (tea, linen and tobacco) with the private sector at grassroots level in 1981, and has enriched his professional career from advising on national economic reform and development to covering international cooperation and sustainable development.

In Chinas State Council, he was involved in the preparation of Chinas Eighth Five-Year (1991-1995) National Plan, and was one of the co-authors of a major document entitled Integrating Chinas Reform and Development toward the year 2000 and beyond. He did research on intergovernmental fiscal relationship and structural adjustment programmes with the World Bank as well as on international finance and trade with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

After joining UNEP in 1996, he has been involved in servicing major intergovernmental negotiations on instruments and decisions under the Convention on Biological Diversity and its Protocol on Biosafety, and served as the focal point for monitoring global biodiversity-related financial flows including pioneering the introduction of the Rio markers in the statistical system of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, identifying gaps and developing options to address the Conventions financial constraints. His coverage also includes the Global Environment Facility, ranging from development of all guidance, policies and strategies through analysis of over 2000 biodiversity project concepts to review of funding effectiveness. Further information can be found at:

With education in economics and public policy management from Beijing University and Columbia University in the City of New York, he has over forty publications addressing development-related economic, social and environmental issues.
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