Experts' profiles - Lahcen El Kabiri
Lahcen El Kabiri
Lahcen El Kabiri is the Deputy Executive Secretary of the Convention of Migratory Species (CMS). He is a Moroccan national and holds degrees as Agronomic Sciences Engineer, from Rabat, Morocco, and Civil Engineer of Forests from Nancy, France. He was also trained in environmental law, management and sustainable development.

Before joining the CMS Secretariat in September 2004, he held the post of Permanent Secretary of the Ministerial Conference on Fisheries Cooperation among African States Bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Since 1974 he held various positions as Head of Regional Forests Services in Morocco, Head of National Division of Nature Protection and later General Inspector of Forests. His extensive experience on-the-ground and planning and organization of nature protection and biodiversity conservation (national parks network, research coordination, and technical cooperation) equipped him for an advisory role on regional and international cooperation activities in CMS. His main responsibilities make him give a priority to the implementation of CMS Strategic Plan as well as to the Administration efficiency. In addition, he undertakes the Coordination of various Migratory Species programmes such as six species of Endangered Antelopes in the Sahara and the Sahel region of Africa, the Asian Houbara bustard, the African Marine Turtles, the Atlantic Monk seal. He also works with establishment of a framework of cooperation with Arab and francophone African countries and the promotion of new migratory species conservation projects at the extent possible.

Lahcen is married and has four children.
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