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Paul Mifsud
On 18 May 2004, Paul Mifsud, from Malta, took office as Coordinator of the Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP) of UNEP whose Secretariat is in Athens, Greece. Before taking office as MAP Coordinator, Paul was the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry for Resources and Infrastructure of Malta.

During his 36 years in the Maltese public service, Paul has held several headship positions including Director of Information (1982-1988), Airport Manager (1988-1991), Chief Executive Officer of the Mediterranean Conference Centre (1991-1996), Director General Courts of Justice (1996-1998) and Permanent Secretary since 1998, first in the Ministry for Public Works and Construction, subsequently in the Ministry for the Environment and lately in the Ministry for Resources and Infrastructure. In 1997 he was the Head of the Press Office attached to the Euro-Mediterranean Foreign Ministers Meeting in Malta.

At the Ministry for the Environment of Malta, Paul was deeply involved in the work of the Mediterranean Action Plan and was responsible for the organization of the 11th Conference of the Contracting Parties in Malta in 1999. Between 1999 and 2001 he assisted the then Minister for the Environment of Malta, in his capacity as President of the Bureau of the Contracting Parties, in the organization of the work of the Bureau. Since 1999 he has been Maltas representative at the meetings of the MAP Focal Points and sat on the Mediterranean Commission for Sustainable Development.

He was a member of the Maltese Governments delegation to the UNEP Governing Council and Global Ministerial Environment Forum in Kenya in 2001 and 2003. More recently, he organized the Conference of the Plenipotentiaries for the signing of the New Emergency Protocol on Pollution from Ships (Malta, January 2003).

During Maltas EU accession process, Paul headed the Environment Ministrys delegation for discussions with the European Commission on the harmonization of legislation with the EU Environmental Acquis. He also assisted Maltas Negotiating Team in the technical preparations in support of the negotiations for Maltas entry into the European Union.

He also participated at a number of Informal EU and Accession Countries Environment Ministers meetings in Brussels and represented the Ministry for the Environment on the European Policy Review Group (EPRG) of DG Environment. He negotiated Maltas membership of the European Environment Agency and was subsequently appointed as Maltas first representative on the Agencys Management Board.

Paul also participated in a number of Euro-Mediterranean meetings and seminars on environmental matters. In May 2002, he chaired the technical meeting in Malta in preparation of the Second Euro-Mediterranean Environment Ministers Meeting (Athens, August 2001).

Between 1990 and 1994 Paul studied Diplomacy and Politics at the University of Malta.

He is married to Victoria nee Brincat and they have two sons, Stanley and Patrick.
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