Experts' profiles - Maria Jesus De Pablo
Maria Jesus De Pablo
Maria Jesus De Pablo is the Coordinator of the Spain-UNEP Partnership for Protected Areas in support of LifeWeb, which is the strategic approach to improve the management of protected areas through appropriate and innovative governance systems according to the needs and priorities of regions and countries. This Partnership is being implemented by the Biodiversity Unit within the Division of Environmental Policy Implementation. She is responsible to coordinate the LifeWeb activities across the UNEP Divisions and Regional Offices to ensure coherent implementation of the selected protected areas.

Prior to that, Maria Jesus worked as a Programme Officer for the establishment of a network of marine protected areas in open seas and deep seas at the UNEP Mediterranean Action Plan Coordination Unit. Before joining UNEP, she worked for five years at the Spanish Ministry of Environment as a Technical Advisor on marine policies within international environmental agreements to protect and enhance areas of particular natural and cultural value, being involved in the identification and coordination of biodiversity conservation national priorities as it outlined in the Strategic Action Plan for the Conservation of Biological Diversity in the Mediterranean Region, also according to the Annex V of the OSPAR Commission on the Protection and Conservation of the Ecosystems and Biological Diversity of the Maritime Areas, and in the application of the EU Habitats and Bird Directives. Furthermore, she worked as an Evaluator Expert on nature and biodiversity at the Directorate-General Environment of the European Commission. She has worked as an Oceanographer in USA, Australia and South Africa in research consultation on marine biodiversity. Maria Jesus was involved in an environmental NGO as a Marine Scientist in a global strategy to protect, preserve and manage endangered habitats through law enforcement on environmental and institutional development. She also has worked in the academic sector performing research in management of protected areas and in wildlife conservation.

She obtained a degree in Marine Sciences from ULPGC, earned a Master’s degree in Protected Areas (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain), and completed a PhD program on Ecology and Environment required for a doctoral dissertation on Management Effectiveness of Protected Areas.
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