Experts' profiles - Mwangi Theuri
Mwangi Theuri
Mwangi Theuri has a background in ecology and environmental management. He has served UNEP since 1997.

Before joining UNEP, he worked as a resident researcher on fire management in moorland vegetation and in the reforestation of degraded mangrove forests at the Kenya coast, an exercise which currently attracts significant interests amongst environmentalists. Within the Division of Early Warning and Assessment of UNEP he has been involved in geo-spatial data and information management especially in the regional Eastern African coastal and marine environment resources database and atlas, and the national level Nairobi Convention coastal and marine environment data and information clearinghouse mechanism. He is currently involved in early warning activities, reporting on emerging environmental threats and issues of global significance within the UNEP Global Environment Alert Service (GEAS).

He holds an MSc in Ecology and BSc in biological sciences from the University of Nairobi and a postgraduate diploma in environmental management from Galillee College, Israel.
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