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Mat McDermott
Mat McDermott is the Business, Politics & Energy Editor for Discovery Communication's, currently largest website dedicated to covering issues of environmentalism, ecological sustainability, and the green lifestyle. He holds a BA in Writing & Literature from Burlington College and an MS in Global Affairs with a concentration in Energy & Environment policy from New York University.

If there's one overarching truth that has emerged from his writing and research about the environment it's that building more social and ecologically sustainable societies requires philosophical, psychological and behavioral changes as much as, or perhaps even more so, than technological changes—as important as the latter may be.

Creating a greener world and greener societies requires a recognition of the essential wholeness of all existence, an acknowledgement of the inherent rights of all beings (human and non-human alike), a reassessment of the relationship of individual and group, and an active engagement with a sense of reverence for the world around us. Only with this firmly in mind can the mutually dependent goals of promoting human development and protecting our environment be reached.

Outside of his work with TreeHugger, Mat contributes has written about environmental issues for Hinduism Today ( and is currently working with The Bhumi Project ( on a forthcoming book on Hinduism and the environment.

Mat lives in New York City.
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