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Richard Fleming
Richard Fleming is a senior research scientist with the Great Lakes Forest Research Centre (GLFRC) in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, part of Natural Resources Canada, and adjunct professor in the Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto.

He is considered to be one of Canada's leading experts on forest disturbances caused by insects. In his current role with the GLFRC, he links established climate-change models to models his team developed which describe how climate influences the spatial and temporal patterns of future insect outbreaks in forests, and how those outbreaks, in turn, influence the likelihood of subsequent fire. Fleming's expertise was called on by the IPCC, which asked him to write the section examining the predicted impact of insects on North American forests for their third report. He also served as an expert reviewer for the IPCC's fourth report. Fleming is also a frequent contributor to the UNEP Year Book, most recently with the ''Emerging Perspectives on Forest Biodiversity'' chapter in the 2011 edition.
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