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Kati Autere
Kati Autere has a Masters of Science in Economics degree from the Finnish Turku School of Economics and Business Administration, majoring in international trade and law.

After some years in the private sector dealing with marketing and exports. Kati joined the UN in 1994 as a management consultant for the International Labour Organisation (ILO) supporting the implementation of a Labour-based Road Construction Project for the Sub-Saharan Africa. From there she has built a career on the UN system as an all-rounder for management policies, processes to corporate planning and oversight including evaluation. She started in UNEP in 1996 as a Junior Professional Officer for monitoring and reporting, moved on to becoming the Organisation's audit focal point and then became a fund management officer until she was selected as the Special Assistant for the then new Deputy Executive Director in 1998. After having built a smoothly functioning office for the Deputy Executive Director and supported him in dealing with the corporate HR and other management issues, she joined the Office of Internal Oversight Services in the Internal Audit and Management Consulting Section. Tables turned and UNEP became her client together with our sister agencies UN-Habitat and UNON. Before returning to UNEP in 2004 to the Evaluation Office she explored life in Rome and in FAO in the corporate programme planning and budgeting section. The tenure in the Evaluation Office did not last very long as the DED transferred her back into his office. Many management challenges later, including supporting divisions in transition to new management, Kati joined the Division of Regional Cooperation in 2008.

She is now the coordinator for UNEP's engagement in the Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund (MDG-F), a Spanish Fund that brought about USD 900 million for the advancement of the MDGs and the UN reform. Kati's responsibilities include finding and establishing efficient and effective mechanisms for UNEP's engagement in joint programmes at a country level, which is a new model for the UN to do business at the national level following the principles of Delivering as One. She is supporting the cross-cutting UNEP teams comprising professionals from all the Divisions and Regional Offices in delivering UNEP's responsibilities in 14 Joint Programmes across the world. Through the opportunity presented by the MDG-F, she is also the project manager for the Knowledge Management component of the thematic window for Environment and Climate Change. With a team of four experts from different fields, she is exploring how the environmental messages and support can be delivered to the UN country teams for the joint programmesthrough interactive IT tools. The team is also collecting the valuable information and knowledge generated by the different joint programmes into lessons that can be learnt from by not only the Joint Programmes of the MDG-F but by other UNEP and UN initiatives of similar nature now and in future.

When she is not at work in the office, she is working on her farm in Karen together with her friends and the farm animals from cats and dogs to geese and cows, self-sustainability being the carrying philosophy.
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