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Borja Heredia
Borja Heredia is a biologist with a PhD in Ecology from the University of Madrid. During his work at the Spanish Ministry of Environment focussing on the conservation of threatened species, planning research, drawing up strategies and organising projects in the field. He acted as Spain’s representative on the Scientific Council and has participated in several CMS COPs and MOU meetings. Moreover he dealt with other MEAs such as CBD and CITES.

He was involved in the conservation of several CMS Appendix I species including the Spanish Imperial Eagle, the White-headed Duck and the Mediterranean Monk Seal. The recovery of the Iberian Lynx has also been one of his main occupations in recent years. He also has experience of conflict resolution among different interest groups and has addressed many other factors affecting migratory species such as electrocution and invasive alien species.

In the field of wildlife diseases he had to address several crisis during his time at the ministry of environment, in particular the monk seal die off in 1997, the rabbit mortality due to viral haemorrhagic pneumonia and cetacean mortalities of common dolphins and pilot whales.

From 1992 to 1995 he worked for BirdLife International in Cambridge, developing action plans for globally threatened birds of prey in Europe. Borja Heredia joined the CMS Secretariat as Scientific and Technical Officer in January 2010. In addition, he serves as the Senior Advisor to the Agreement on the Conservation of Small Cetaceans of the Baltic and North Seas (ASCOBANS).

Currently he is co-convenor of the task force on wildlife disease on behalf of the CMS secretariat.
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