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Durwood Zaelke
Durwood Zaelke is founder and President of the Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development in Washington, DC and Geneva, where he focuses on strengthening the Montreal Protocol, including for additional climate protection, as well as on other climate mitigation efforts. He also is Director of the Secretariat for the International Network for Environmental Compliance & Enforcement, a trans-governmental network of 5,000 enforcement and compliance officials from 150 countries; co-Director of the Program on Governance for Sustainable Developmentat the University of California, Santa Barbaras Bren School of Environmental Science & Management; co-founder and past President of the Center for International Environmental Law; and founder and past Director of the International & Comparative Environmental Law Programat the Washington College of Law, American University.
Earlier in his career, Mr. Zaelke spent a decade with the US Department of Justice and the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund in Alaska (now Earthjustice). At Justice he designed the Departments initial hazardous waste enforcement strategy, and the litigation strategy for preventing energy waste and promoting conservation. He led DOJs investigations into the Love Canal hazardous waste case, which ultimately settled for $129 million, and into the Three Mile Island nuclear accident. With Earthjustice, he represented the Tlingit Indians of Angoon on Admiralty Island, Alaska to protect their traditional subsistence culture. (In recognition for his efforts, he was adopted into the Tlingit Raven Clan and given the name Kuyutaxteek.) His litigation also prevented what would have been the worlds largest open pit molybdenum mine within the Misty Fijords National Monument.
Mr. Zaelke is the author or editor of International Environmental Law & Policy (4th ed. 2011, with Hunter & Salzman), the leading textbook in its field, used in 200+ schools; and Molina, M., Zaelke, D., Sarma, K. M., Andersen, S.O., Ramanathan, V., and Kaniaru, D. Reducing abrupt climate change risk using the Montreal Protocol and other regulatory actions to complement cuts in CO2 emissions, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2009. He contributed to Fate of Mountain Glaciers in the Anthropocene, A Report by the Working Group Commissioned by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences (Vatican 2011). A profile of Mr. Zaelke appears in the Environmental Law Institutes Forum magazine.
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