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Julia Heiss
Julia Heiss is a social anthropologist and education planner with extensive experiences in design and implementation of education programs in the area of science education, technical and vocational education, girls education, education for sustainable development, education for sustainable consumption and climate change education. She has worked for the United Nations Education Culture and Science Organisation (UNESCO) for 15 years in Kenya, France and coordinated programs in several other countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. She has also worked for the Global Monitoring Report for Education For All. Mrs. Heiss is currently working on a program on climate change education for sustainable development at UNESCO. She has also been coordinating the UNEP/UNESCO YouthXchange Initiative at UNESCO, which was created in 2001 to promote sustainable lifestyles among young people (15-24 year olds) through education, capacity building and awareness raising.

The new YouthXchange guidebook on climate change and lifestyles is the first in a series of thematic YouthXchange guidebook, exploring the links between climate change and lifestyles and helps young people consider the actions they can take towards more sustainable lifestyles. It provides the scientific, political, economic, social and cultural perspectives of climate change while looking at the causes and effects of climate change and its human impacts and responses. Supported by practical tips, suggested activities, case studies, best practices and web links for further information, the guidebook is designed to help young people develop the critical skills they need to address the challenges of climate change through their personal every-day choices and actions.
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