Experts' profiles - Johan Kuylenstierna
Johan Kuylenstierna
Dr Johan Kuylenstierna, PhD (air pollution), BSc (Biology) has been Director of Stockholm Environment Institute Centre at York since 1997. He undertakes research and science policy activities related to different atmospheric issues, including regional and local air pollution and climate change.

He was scientific coordinator of the UNEP/WMO Integrated Assessment of Black Carbon and Tropospheric Ozone focussing on their linked air pollution and climate impacts and also coordinated the development of a new UNEP report: Near-term Climate Protection and Clean Air Benefits: Actions for Controlling Short-Lived Climate Forcers investigating the policy options for reducing the emissions of short-lived climate forcers.

His interests are in the in the effective communication of scientific information to policy and decision makers to promote effective and informed decision-making. Johan assists the development of the Mal Declaration in South Asia (with UNEP) and the development of APINA, the Air Pollution Information Network for Africa. He is joint convenor of the Global Atmospheric Pollution Forum (GAP Forum) which is a network of regional agreements and networks around the world focussing on linking issues of air pollution and climate change.
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