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Steve Banwart
Professor Steve Banwart is a US American natural scientist and environmental engineer working at The University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. He is an expert on the environmental chemistry of soils and groundwater. He leads the European Commission - funded SoilTrEC project on soil sustainability, with partners in Europe, N. America and China. His research tackles the science of Earth's Critical Zone – the thin outer veneer of our planet from the tops of the trees to the bottom of our drinking water aquifers. He works with scientists from many countries in a global effort to develop and share an international network of Critical Zone Observatories, field research sites that draw together scientists from many different disciplines.  These observatories are providing data on how soil and the whole Critical Zone behaves during changes in land use and climate, and how to determine the monetary value of the essential services that soil provides.  Prof Banwart is also Director of the Kroto Research Institute at The University of Sheffield; he chairs the Steering Committee of the UK Natural Environment Research Council's Facility for Environmental Nanomaterials Analysis and Characterisation and is a past Secretary General of the European Association of Geochemistry.
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