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Heiman Peimani
Dr. Hooman PEIMANI is the Head of the Energy Security Division and a Principal Fellow in the Energy Studies Institute, National University of Singapore. Having worked at different senior capacities, his diversified employment engagements in North America, Europe, West Asia and Asia-Pacific consist of working for academic (e.g., Geneva School of Diplomacy & International Relations) and non-academic entities, including energy corporations (e.g., Nord Stream, Zug/Switzerland), private and public organizations (e.g., Canadian government) and national and international institutions such as UN agencies (e.g., UNICEF, UNCHR, UNRISD and WHO). His employment experience includes over 20 years of research activities working for research institutes such as Jane’s Defence/UK, Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces, Centre for International Cooperation and Security/UK and Arab Petroleum Research Center/France. He also has years of experience as a freelance journalist working for many newspapers (e.g., South China Morning Post and Moscow Times) and news agencies (e.g., Inter Press Service/Berlin, International Relations and Security Network/Zurich and Eurasianet/New York). Dr. Peimani has made since 1990s regular contributions to the programs and publications of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and the programs of Deutsche Welle while presenting as invited speaker in dozens of academic and non-academic events in North America, Europe, West Asia and South East Asia. His recent TV appearances (2010 and 2011) include 15 interviews by BBC, CNBC and CNA and The Straits Times Razor TV.

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