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Eoin Flinn
Eoin Flinn works as a Project Manager for My Afghan Mountains, a UNEP supported initiative focused on environmental issues in Afghanistan. Most recently he completed the launch of a Clean Cookstove project in Bamyan Province, leading a field research team, creating a local design lab, producing 3 stove and fuel efficient briquette solutions for Afghanistan. The next phase of the project - medium scale distribution to 10,000 people will be totally locally run and Eoin will support remotely through the Google Apps platform.

Eoin studied Electronic Engineering in Dublin before embarking on a career in global manufacturing. He has worked in Sales, Engineering and Management in a range of industries and spent considerable time in China. He brings a perspective of Lean Manufacturing and seeks for-profit models for projects such as the Clean Cookstove Initiative.

He is well-travelled, most recently having driven a Jeep from central China to Cape Town producing a short video about global human common denominators. He has engaged in a range of social projects around the world in diverse disciplines from Agriculture to Education to Cookstoves. A true motivated-generalist he ran the Cookstove Project, reformed the Financial and Project Management Systems for My Afghan Mountains, built the website and directed, filmed and edited a short film about the project.
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