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Diane Klaimi
Diane Klaimi is currently the Biodiversity and Ecosystems Programme Officer at the United Nations Environment Programme, Regional Office for West Asia based in Manama Bahrain, out posted from UNEP-DELC. Klaimi provides technical support and policy advisory services to government agencies on issues pertaining to biodiversity conservation and ecosystem management based on sound science. The programme aims to strengthen International Environmental Governance (IEG) through coherent implementation of Multilateral Environmental Agreement (MEAs) related to biodiversity. Additionally Klaimi seeks to link biodiversity to sustainable development, MDGs, climate change and integration into national development plans. She recently published a paper on The State of Biodiversity in West Asia to complement the Global Biodiversity Outlook 3 launched in 2010.

Klaimi has over 15 years experience in the fields of conservation management, sustainable agriculture, rural development, Organic Farming and urban marine ecosystem management; this vast exposure enhanced her knowledge in broader ecological setups and biodiversity. She worked with the public and private sectors as well as UN organizations in the Middle East region. Diane began her career as a researcher in Plant Protection at the Lebanese Agriculture Research Institute (LARI) affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture in Lebanon; further acted as a forest officer, National Biosafety Focal Point for the CBD, National Focal Point for Montreal Protocol at the Ministry of Environment, and was affiliated with various UN organizations, UNU, FAO, IFAD, UNEP and MEAs,. Diane later joined the corporate business sector and worked for a master marine developer as senior environmental manager aiming to reconcile development and conservation.

Klaimi holds a Masters degree in Plant Protection (Phytopathology and Entomology) and a B.S. in Agriculture from the American University of Beirut; and a Post-Graduate Specialization in Land Use Planning and Rural Development from CIHEAM, Spain.
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