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Marleen Julien
Marleen is the Field Coordinator of Destination Sud, a sustainable tourism development project for the Cote Sud Initiative (CSI) in Haiti. This is an ambitious sustainable development initiative focused on Haiti's South Department and it involves a growing partnership of more than 15 organizations, including the Government of Haiti, UNEP, UNOPS, Catholic Relief Services and many local organizations.

Tourism is one of the CSI's thematic areas. The CSI's role is to accompany Haiti's Ministry of Tourism in developing and implementing a sustainable destination management strategy. Developed in an environmentally sensitive way, tourism will be a great creator of employment and can be an alternative to other environmentally damaging activities (such as deforestation and overfishing). The emphasis on sustainability translates in practice to creating the conditions for equitable economic growth, public/private partnerships, and greener destination planning.

Marleen has a degree in International Relations and has worked on the promotion of the Haitian History and Culture for a over a decade. Before joining the CSI, Marleen was in charge of the Cultural and Community Affairs department at the Consulate General of Haiti in Chicago for 13 years. She also has a very strong background in tourism development, tourism planning and promotion. She returned to Haiti last year after 20 years abroad to contribute to the development of Haiti.
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