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Rob Bernard
Rob Bernard is the Chief Environmental Strategist for Microsoft and is responsible for defining and implementing the global strategy for the companys environmental efforts. In this role he oversees the companys environmental impact at all levels including: working with product groups to create technology innovations in software and hardware that can help enable customers to minimize their impact on the environment, helping accelerate scientific breakthrough on environmental issues, assuring responsible business practices that work to reduce the companys direct and indirect environmental impact, and working with partners in industry, government and non-government to engage on global environmental issues.

Under Robs leadership, Microsoft has instituted a companywide commitment to achieve carbon neutrality beginning in fiscal year 2013. To achieve this goal, Rob has led the company to create an accountability model which aims to improve efficiencies, increase the purchase of renewable energy, improve data collection and reporting, and further aligns to the goal of reducing the companys environmental impact. As part of this effort, he has also led the company in establishing an internal carbon fee, making the companys business divisions responsible for the cost of offsetting their carbon emissions associated with the use of the companys data centers, software development labs, and office buildings, as well as business travel.

Rob is a passionate speaker on the role technology can play in enabling energy efficiency, democratizing access to environmental information and advancing scientific breakthroughs. He has spoken on those topics at numerous events ranging from the Clinton Global Initiative to the United Nations COP15 Climate Change Conference to the Wall Street Journals ECO:Nomics event.

Rob has held various positions during his 14 year career at Microsoft. He has served in leadership roles ranging from marketing to business and technical management. Prior to his career at Microsoft, Rob spent nearly 10 years in the construction and building management industry where he built and managed industrial and office properties. He attended the Wharton School of Business where he earned his MBA.
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