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Jonathan Duwyn
Jonathan is responsible for developing and coordinating activities within the Technology Transfer Unit including the design and development of new technology transfer initiatives and projects, and coordinate work related to establishment and operations of networks of climate change technology centers.

Jonathan has hands-on experience in designing, installing and maintenance of standalone energy systems (solar PV, wind generators, diesel generators and hybrid systems) as well as on conducting on-site wind assessments. However, since he joined the UN in 2005, he started working on global environment and sustainable development issues and he acquired strong knowledge of the links between poverty and environment and of country planning processes (incl. UNCT processes). By working for the UN, he also gained solid experience in programme management (incl. joint programming) and stakeholder mobilization both at national and regional levels.

Jonathan started his career in 1999 with Soleo, a small renewable energy company that was subcontracting for a range of renewable energy actors in France (Vergnet S.A., Total Energie, BP Solar, EDF). He worked mainly in the field, designing, installing and ensuring maintenance of standalone photovoltaic and wind energy systems and conducting on-site wind assessments for a range of wind farm developers (SIIF, Valorem, Energies du Midi, EoleRES). In 2002, he returned to University to do a Masters degree for which he conducted his fieldwork in Morocco with Energies 21 (the Moroccan subsidiary of Vergnet S.A.) developing a community wind energy project to provide water and electricity to four decentralized villages. In 2005, he joined the United Nations. First as a UN volunteer, Programme Officer in the Sustainable livelihoods Unit of the UNDP-Rwanda country office (2005-2006), then as a Programme Officer for the joint UNDP-UNEP Poverty and Environment Initiative (PEI) based in UNEP Headquarters in Kenya (2006-2010). Over the years, Jonathan always kept strong interests in renewable energy and green technology issues and he is very pleased to have joined UNEPs Energy Branch since June 2010.

Jonathan holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development from the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (UNSA). Before that he studied Physics and Mathematics and holds a Bachelor in Applied Physics from University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse.

Jonathan is fluent in Dutch (Flemish), French and English.
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