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Bill Mansfield
Bill Mansfield is currently Senior Advisor to the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), working in UNEPs Regional Office for North America in Washington, DC.

He is a former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations and Deputy Executive Director of UNEP. UNEP is the principal environmental arm of the United Nations, addressing primarily global and North-South environmental issues. During seven years with UNEP at its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya he participated in the international negotiations on a wide range of programs and treaties related to global environmental issues and activities.

He is a former US diplomat, having served at posts in Africa and Europe and a number of environmental assignments in the State Department and at the U.S Environmental Protection Agency. Among his other environmental assignments, he has served as Director of UNEPs Global Environment Facility office in Nairobi, Senior Vice President for Operations at the Worldwatch Institute in Washington, DC and Special Advisor to the Executive Director of the Canadian, Mexican, US Commission for Environmental Cooperation, located in Montreal.

He lives in Bethesda, MD.
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