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Hakan Bengtsson
Hkan Bengtsson is working in the Freshwater and Marine Law and Governance Unit of the Division of Environmental Law and Conventions, at UNEP's Nairobi headquarters. His main responsibilities include activities aimed at supporting governments to undertake legal and governance reform in order to meet the environmental challenges related to freshwater and marine issues, both at the national and international level. These challenges include anticipated increased freshwater stress and increased pressure for exploiting marine living and nonliving resources. In his portfolio Hkan also has issues related to public participation and access to justice in environmental decision-making.

Before joining UNEP on secondment by the Swedish Government, Hkan has i.a. been working for the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs where he, among other things, was a member of the Swedish climate change delegation with main responsibility for 'developing country issues' (capacity-building, technology transfer and financial assistance etc). While at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, he was also a member of the delegation representing Sweden in the Global Environment Facility Council. Most recently, Hkan was the Deputy Head of the Legal Affairs Section at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, which he joined in 2001. At the EPA he had a mixed portfolio involving issues on national environmental law, European Community environmental law and broader international environmental law. One of his main duties was in the field of freshwater law, which included the implementation of the so called European Community Water Framework Directive into Swedish law.

Hkan holds a Master of Laws Degree and a Bachelor of Science Degree (biology and chemistry), both from Uppsala University, Sweden. He is married with two children, likes sports and bird-watching.
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