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Elaine Baker
Elaine Baker works for UNEP/GRID Arendal, and is located at the University of Sydney in Australia. Most of her time is spent working with the UNEP Shelf Programme a programme that assists developing countries delineate their outermost maritime boundary.

She has a PhD in geology and an MSc in environmental toxicology. She has been at the University of Sydney for more than 20 years and during that time, has worked on many projects involving the origin and fate of waste discharged to the ocean. These kinds of studies require information on things like ocean currents, the shape of the sea floor and the potential for the waste products to be accumulated by aquatic organisms etc. She has participated in numerous research cruises investigating the paleoceanography and geological history of the worlds oceans. For many years she was the science coordinator of the Australian arm of the international Ocean Drilling Program.

She is also currently the coordinator of the University of the Sea - a partnership between universities and organizations in the Asia Pacific region. Every year they take young marine scientists on research cruises that look at a whole range of oceanographic, geological and biological questions. Some recent topics have included mapping deep-water corals, understanding the history of the east Asian monsoon and looking for frozen methane deposits below the sea floor. Much of the University of the Sea research focus is directed towards understanding past climates in order to understand and predict climate change.
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