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Ellik Adler
Ellik Adler has several years of experience in Marine, Coastal and Aquatic Sciences and Technologies and the related environmental monitoring and assessment, planning, management, administration, inspection and law enforcement.

He has extensive experience in management, coordination, organization of various activities and dedicated teams, related to environmental management. He has been in charge of national, regional and international projects associated with coastal and marine ecosystems sensitivity and vulnerability, oil and chemical spills preparedness and response, environmental administration and sustainable management, all aimed to reduce/prevent pollution of the aquatic and marine environment from land based sources and economic and human activities.

Ellik Adler has carried out extensive work and collaborated with United Nations and non-UN International agencies including diplomatic level work and fund raising related to the management and protection of the aquatic and marine environment, knowledge awareness of science based management, decision and policy making and strong working relation ships with the civil society, private sector and NGOs's (Non Governmental Organizations).

He has extensive experience in training and capacity building of organizations and administrations related to the prevention, preparedness and response to oil spills, and pollution from land based activities, at a national, regional and international levels.

Ellik Adlers PhD thesis was on Identification and Analysis of the Sensitivity of the Mediterranean Coastline of Israel to Oil Spills; He has also written numerous semi scientific/popular articles in Israeli environmental magazine; He is the editor and author of a comprehensive collection of scientific articles on Marine and Coastal Environment (in press); and co-author of two other publications, Oil Bio-Remediation Using Insoluble Nitrogen Source. Journal of Biotechnology, vol.51 and Petroleum Bioremediation a Multiphase Problem. Biodegradation, vol.3, (1992)

Ellik Adler is a holder of a PhD and a Masters Degree from the Center for Maritime Studies, University of Haifa.
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