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Arnold Kreilhuber
Dr. Arnold Kreilhuber is a legal officer in the Division of Environmental Law and Conventions of UNEP and an expert in international environmental law and international affairs. He led the planning and organization of the World Congress on Justice Law and Governance for Environmental Sustainability which took place from 17 20 June 2012 in Brazil. He has been intensively involved with UNEPs work in environmental law since he joined the organization in 2005 and in particular as regards the implementation of, compliance with and enforcement of multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs). Recently, Dr. Kreilhuber has also worked very actively to enhance UNEPs work in the areas of international and national water law and environmental crime. He has also served as UNEPs legal counsel on administrative and other matters. Previously, Dr. Kreilhuber has worked for Government institutions such as the Foreign Ministry of Austria and contributed to the development of policy and laws in his native Austria and the European Union as well as lent his expertise to Non-Governmental Organizations in environmental law and policy related matters. Dr. Kreilhuber holds a Doctorate Degree in international law as well as a Masters Degree in International Relations.
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