Experts' profiles - Halvart Koppen
Halvart Koppen
With a background in chemical engineering, environmental management, and "Third World" development, Halvart Koeppen joined UNEP in 1996. Initially working on environmental management in industrial estates, he started in the OzonAction Programme in 1997 developing training modules for refrigeration technicians and customs officers and organizing training in English and French-speaking developing countries (mainly in the Caribbean and Africa).

When the OzonAction Programme regionalized its operations in 2002, he took over coordination tasks related to project and financial monitoring of some 500 ongoing projects implemented by 25 professional staff which were deployed in five UNEP duty stations.

Since September 2005, he has been in charge of the Regional Network of Ozone Officers in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (ECA network) providing compliance assistance, organizing annual network and thematic meetings, facilitating regional awareness raising, country-to-country assistance and programmatic assistance. Similar Networks of Ozone Officers exist in Latin America & Caribbean, Africa, West Asia and Asia Pacific. Most recently, he worked on the first climate-friendly meeting of the ECA network combined with a tree-planting session and registration in UNEP's Billion Tree Campaign and Climate Neutral Network.
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