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Catherine Beltrandi
Catherine Beltrandi is an information and communications specialist with close to 20 years working experience within various UN agencies. Her expertise spans different outreach media: she started her career as a TV producer for the Italian television but has since evolved into a web content management specialist. As an information and communications specialist in UNESCO and several other UN agencies she had the opportunity to successfully lead and manage many communication projects to fruition.

At UNEP, she initiated the creation of the organizations first true Internet team. She consolidated content, technical and graphic skills within the Division of Communications and Public Information in order to improve the web development and content management process. Over the past years, UNEPs website has dramatically changed the institutions ability to reach out to the international community and participates in the promotion of the environmental agenda.

She has taken the lead in developing diverse Internet based campaigns and online features of special significance to the organizations image such as World Environment Day, Climate Neutral Network (CN Net) and the web sites for Champions of the Earth ad the Billion Tree Campaign. She has also overseen the integration of new technologies and user-friendly web design methodologies to promote interactivity and improve usability.

Catherine has a Master's degree in Information and Communication (Radio and TV) from the University of Bologna (Italy), and a post-degree diploma in Anthropology and Cinema with a specialization in High Definition TV Production (INA - France).

She can answer questions in French, English, Spanish and Italian.
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