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Ihab Tarek

Dr.Ihab Tarek is a Legal Officer with the United Nations Environmental Programme's Law Division and a Regional coordinator for Environmental Governance in West Asia regional office, his legal expertise about 20 years. He has extensive experience working with public, foreign Governments, International and non-governmental organizations.

Prior to his assignment with UNEP as a staff member (since November 2016), Ihab was the legal consultant for the Supreme Council for Environment in Kingdom of Bahrain since November 2011, Also he worked in Egypt as a Judge and Chief Justice where He conducted an Intensive Capacity Building Training Program for training about 450 Egyptian Judges & Prosecutors under the UNDP/Ministry of Justice on the environmental and developmental matters. He has worked on managing projects funded by international organizations and agencies (e.g., UNDP, USAID, and IDLO). He is an Environmental Legislation expert, also, provided consultancies for some foreign Governments.

Dr.Ihab holds a Doctorate Degree in Constitutional Law and Master Degree in Public Law.

He has many Authors and Researches in Law, Governance and Environment. Also, he speaks English, French and Arabic.

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