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Jerome Malavelle
Current responsibilities, duties
Jérôme’s main responsibility is to faciliate climate change offices’ informal networking at the sub-regional level as a powerful approach to accelerate the exchange of ideas and experiences and to have access of demand-driven capacity building services.

Such approach has proven to effectively enhance multilateral cooperation and enable network member institutions and their countries to better engage in the UNFCCC negotiations and implement its decisions. It also supports their other important functions, which are to enhance climate change awareness and coordination at the national level and foster climate policies, strategies and action plans, thus contributing to climate-resilient and low-carbon development.

This work stream has been piloted since late 2009 by the Southeast Asia network of Climate Change Offices, an initiative supported by the government of Finland. It has now come to full maturity and will be sustained in this sub-region, as well as piloted in new ones, as part of UNEP POW 2014-15 “Climate Knowledge Networks and Partnerships” project that Jérôme developed and manages.

Capabilities / areas of expertise
Jérôme likes to interact directly with developing countries officials to understand and serve their needs as best as he can, and facilitate collaborative approaches within UNEP and with partners to deliver best suited services. His area of expertise is in managing complex projects, involving several thematic, beneficiary countries, constituencies and/or co-implementation partners/organizations.?

Work history
Jérôme has been working at UNEP's Division of coordination with the GEF and UNEP’s Division of Technology, Industry and Economics since 2005 in evolving project manager and program officer's capacities. He was first appointed as Project Manager and was in charge of the implementation and direct execution of a GEF full-sized project aimed at the total phase out of the use of methyl bromide pesticides in Central European countries co-implemented and executed with UNDP and FAO (2005-2008). Then he was appointed as Programme Officer for DTIE’s Energy Branch, to contribute to UNEP’s bioenergy work program, by primarily serving as technical focal point for the Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP) and managing a GEF Targeted Research project on the sustainable production of liquid biofuels (2008-2010).

Jérôme’s substantive work experience before joining UNEP had been with the private sector as the Business and Operations Manager of an 8-staff Sales and Service subsidiary in the Silicon Valley of the microelectronics business unit of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics (distributing Teflon? pumps, valves, fittings, for the transfer of ultra-pure fluids and corrosive chemicals used in semiconductor manufacturing plants).

Educational background
Jérôme holds a Master’s of Science in Engineering in Industrial Processes and Environmental Engineering (INSA, Toulouse, 1989) as well as a Political Sciences Master’s in International Co-operation and Development Politics (La Sorbonne University, Paris, 2003). He is fluent in French, Spanish and English, and has some knowledge in other languages.

Other information
Jérôme grew up in a small farm in a dry region of South-western France where he maintains strong ties. He has been living since his adulthood in urban centres of large cities in Europe, North America and Africa. As such he considers having the privilege of holding a dual culture -rural and urban- and to have experienced them for real. This has reinforced his motivation for respecting and working with Nature, in human’s quest for truly sustainable development paths.
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