Experts' profiles - Jérémy Boubié Bazyé
Jrmy Boubi Bazy
Jrmy Boubi Bazy (Burkina Faso) is the Regional Network Coordinator for ODS Officers Network for the African region. He joined UNEP in 1996 as a member of the UNEP/DTIE OzonAction Programme. His activities include facilitating exchange of experiences among Ozone Officers in the region through the organization of regular meetings of the network and other technical workshops as an online e-forum. He also facilitates bilateral consultations between ODS Officers and Implementing Agencies of the Montreal Protocol (UNEP, UNDP, UNIDO and the World Bank). He assists in the implementation of UNEP OzonAction Programme in Africa and directly advises African National Ozone Units on the implementation of the country programme for phase-out Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS).

Since 2002 activities of the network evolved into a Compliance Assistance Programme to guide African country towards a complete phase out of major Ozone Depleting Substance by January 2010. Jrmy and his Compliance Assistance are currently assisting over 40 African countries where UNEP is the lead agency in the development and implementation of their national terminal phase out management plans.

Before joining UNEP, Jrmy was the National ODS Officer in Burkina Faso. He also held the position of Director of Pollution and Nuisance Control in the Ministry of Environment of Burkina Faso.

Jrmy holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering (Genie de lEnvironnement) from Universit de Savoie (France) and a post-graduate in Environmental Communication (Relations Publiques de lEnvironnement) from Universit Paris VII (France).
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