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Morgan Strecker
How can one travel, consume, and enjoy hobbiesall while adopting a sustainable lifestyle? This are the challenges Morgan Strecker tackles on a day-to-day basis. The tool developed to meet this challenge is YouthXchange, a training kit for sustainable lifestyles. Aimed at young people (or even older people!), the kit educates and offers alternatives in a fun and attractive approach. Translated in several languages, the project has been met with great success.

Morgan also worked in Thailand for Ashoka Innovators for the Public, an organization which promotes social entrepreneurship in over 60 countries. She studied Education in Emergencies with a focus on providing psychosocial and educational support to refugees and earned a Montessori diploma for children ages three to six which she put to good use in the Bangkok slums. Since her return to Paris, shes been learning a new way of life - living a more balanced lifestyle between her wants and her environmental and social responsibility.
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