Experts' profiles - Vicente Santiago-Fandino
Vicente Santiago-Fandino
Vicente Santiago-Fandino, born in Mexico City, joined UNEP in 1990. Prior to joining UNEP, he worked as a lecturer at the National Autonomous University of Mexico where he obtained a BSc in Biology specializing in coral reefs. Vicente also holds an MSc in Marine Biology from the University of Wales (UK) and a PhD in Applied Sciences (aquatic toxicology and assessment) from the University of Exeter (UK).

After working in the UNEP Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean supporting the Environmental Training Network for Latin America and the Caribbean, Vicente joined the Caribbean Environment Programme in Jamaica to coordinate the Regional Programme on Integrated Planning and Institutional Development. He later moved to Japan where he is now engaged in the facilitation and transfer of environmentally sound technologies at the International Environmental Technology Centre dealing with water and sanitation.

Vicente is interested in the application of Phytotechnology entailing the use of the environmental services from aquatic ecosystems towards water quality improvement, sanitation and the restoration of degraded water bodies. He participated as one of the members of the team in the Iraqi Marshlands project recently recognized under the UN21 Awards. Other areas of his interest include integrated watershed and lake management.
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