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Rogier Jacobs
Rogier Jacobs is a technical environmental consultant within the Urban Environment Unit of the Division of Technology, Industry and Economics. He is working for the Partnership of Clean Fuels and Vehicles (PCFV), which assists developing and transitional countries to reduce vehicular air pollution through the promotion of lead-free, low sulphur fuels and cleaner vehicle standards and technologies.

To assist public and private organizations improving the environmental impact of their vehicles, a Clean Fleet Toolkit and an accompanying training have been developed. This toolkit helps identifying the options for cleaning up a fleet, ranging from a simple measure like introducing eco-driving, to the more advanced options like retrofitting vehicles with catalysts.

At this time the Clean up your Fleet programme is being rolled out within organizations like UN World Food Programme and International Federation of the Red Cross as well as several other public and private sector fleets in Central and Eastern Europe.

Rogier joined the Urban Environment Unit in March 2008. Before that time he worked five years for an energy service provider, focusing on the trading of energy and CO2 emission certificates for energy intensive industrial companies.

Rogier holds masters degrees in Environmental Sciences and in Physics, both from the Free University of Amsterdam. He also did parts of the environmental studies at the Uppsala University in Sweden.
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