Experts' profiles - Lucita Jasmin
Lucita Jasmin
Lucy Jasmin is Head of Special Events at the Division of Communications and Public Information at UNEP Headquarters in Nairobi.

She comes to UNEP armed mostly with idealism, and aims for her work here to contribute to the realization of a more inclusive and less ecologically intrusive world.

Based in Indonesia, Singapore and China for five years prior to this stint, Lucy has seen how economic and livelihood needs cause tremendous pressure on natural resources and how urgently the need for sustainable development must be addressed in the region. As a former head of corporate communications, she worked as an internal advocate of sustainable development that helped to drive the embedding of responsible business practices in private organizations.

Her professional practice covers stakeholder engagement, leadership communication counsel, international events management, and issues/crisis management.

As a Filipino, she aims to uphold her nationalism by striving to be an excellent, capable and dedicated Filipino staff of the UN.

Lucy has a Masters Degree in Development Communication and Bachelor's Degree in Communications, major in Journalism, from the University of the Philippines, where she was a state scholar.
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