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Sascha Gabizon

Sascha Gabizon is the executive director of WECF International (, a network of women, environment and development organisations, which work for the right to a healthy environment for all, with 150 member organisations in over 50 countries. She is of Dutch nationality, born in Africa and lives in Germany since 20 years, after having studied and worked in the USA, France and Spain.

Sascha Gabizon has been elected to coordinate the global women's civil society organisations ( involved in the United Nations policy process of the Rio+20 and 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, where she coordinates 800 organisations from over 100 countries. With WECF International she has experience with hands-on projects on gender-responsive and sustainable energy, water, sanitation and chemicals management projects, always linked to policy advocacy promoting structural change. WECF facilitates the participation of grassroots organisations in policy process at national and global level, to bring the lessons learned and shadow reports to the attention of policy makers, including at UNEA-2. WECF works with international organisations such as the UNEP, WHO and UNDP and has contributed to numerous publications including UNEP's Global Gender and Environment Outlook.

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