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Garrette Clark
Garrette Clark is a Programme Officer with the Business and Industry Unit in the Sustainable Consumption and Production Branch in the Division of Industry, Technology and Economics. Her expertise lies in cleaner production and sustainable product development.

Garrette has been working with the joint UNIDO UNEP National Cleaner Production Centres (NCPCs) Programme which was launched in 1994 and with revamped joint programming underway. She has worked in capacity building for various cleaner production-related topics including cleaner production and energy efficiency and sustainable product design. In the area of design for sustainability (D4S) she has produced publications for NCPCs and on Product Services Systems. To support testing and replication of these concepts at the national level, she is working on an European Commission funded project to support D4S applications in Vietnam. The project looks at how more sustainably designed products (in fisheries, handicrafts and furniture) can bring economic, social and environment benefits to the companies that adopt these practices. She also ran the Marketing Assistance to Sustainable Tourism in Nepal project which improved the sustainability of tourism products in SMEs combined with capacity development to make the necessary market linkages. The key being that no matter how sustainable a product is it doesnt make a difference if no one buys it.

Previous to working with UNEP, Garrette worked in the United States Environmental Protection Agency in Washington DC in the Office of Underground Storage Tanks in enforcement and at the EPA Regional Office in California organizing public meetings on hazardous waste incinerator permits. She has a Masters in Public Policy from University of California.
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