Experts' profiles - Sophie DeConinck
Sophie DeConinck
Sophie De Coninck works as programme officer responsible for technical assistance within the UNDP-UNEP Poverty-Environment Facility, a joint UN team located in Nairobi which supports the scaling-up the Poverty-Environment Initiative across the world.

Prior to that, Sophies duties within UNEP focused on strengthening the involvement of civil society in UNEP's governance processes and activities. Her previous experience was as a policy researcher in the fields of sustainable mobility, energy consumption, land use planning, climate change mitigation and housing and poverty for several line ministries in Belgium. In addition, Sophie previously worked in the industry and in the area of consulting as a project officer responsible for environmental and development projects led by the European Commission across the world.

Sophie holds two masters degrees from the University of Louvain (Belgium), one in business and engineering and the other in environmental science and management.
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