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Sara Svensson
Sara Svensson played a pivotal role in shaping the UNEP Major Group of Children and Youth, for which she was an elected coordinator in the years 2008-2013.

Sara's involvement in UNEP started with her election to the Tunza Youth Advisory Council on 30 August 2007 for a 2-year mandate ( From there she continued to a role of representing children and youth in the UNEP Major Groups Facilitating Committee ( Based in the UNEP offices in Nairobi, she researched the history of UNEP's engagement with youth and civil society and suggested improvements to international environmental governance.

As a committed environmentalist growing up close to nature in Sweden, Sara early made it a lifestyle to inspire young people to believe in their potential to create positive change in this world. Before joining UNEP she was active in environmental youth NGOs such as Faltbiologerna (Nature & Youth Sweden) and Youth and Environment Europe (YEE - a federation of 60 youth environmental organizations in 30 countries in Europe). In 2012 she was active in the Elders and Youngers project in the run-up to and during Rio+20 (

Since 2013, Sara lives in Suriname working on projects aiming to maintain a high forest cover and low deforestation rate in the Guiana Shield eco-region. As a trainer, lecturer and workshop facilitator she keeps empowering people to take action against climate change and for a sustainable future.
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