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Sara Svensson
Sara Svensson is currently doing an internship with the UNEP Division for Communication and Public Information in Nairobi. She is the global representative for Children and Youth on the UNEP Major Groups Facilitating Committee. Her involvement in UNEP started when she was elected to the Tunza Youth Advisory Council on 30 August 2007.

Sara is a committed young environmentalist who is actively involved in the international youth climate movement. As a trainer, lecturer and workshop facilitator she inspires and empowers young people to take action against climate change. In the preparations for the UN Climate Change Conference in Poznan 2008, she raised awareness about the UNFCCC process and coordinated the participation of different youth delegations in the conference. With the important climate negotiations coming up in Copenhagen 2009, she continues to engage in outreaching and capacity building activities for young people around the world.

Sara is assistant officer and former vice-chair of Youth and Environment Europe (YEE), a federation of 60 youth environmental organizations in 30 countries in Europe. Since 2004 she is the international coordinator of Fltbiologerna (Nature and Youth Sweden). In June 2006 she graduated from the education programme Globalverkstan - International Project Management for Social Movements and NGOs. Since 2007 she is a student of Social Environmental Science at Gothenburg University in Sweden.
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