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Greg Sherley
Greg Sherley is a Task Manager for Biodiversity Conservation based in Samoa in the south-central Pacific Ocean. He is also a "multi-focal" point which means he acts as a liaison officer for other's portfolios in most of the work areas of the United Nations Environment Programme. Most of his time is spent initiating new conservation programmes, facilitating them through the Global Environment Facility funding process, and then supervising their implementation.

About half of Greg's 33 year professional career has been spent as a wildlife scientist working on threatened species (avifauna, herpetofauna, insects and snails), pest species (mammals) and ecotoxicology. The other half has been evenly split between managing other technical conservation officers and as a programme manager for conservation projects in the Pacific. During his entire career, he has either worked for the New Zealand Government (Department of Conservation) or various Inter-Governmental Organisations. Greg prides himself as being a generalist and this is reflected in his various qualifications and publications. He is currently trying to bring to bear this varied experience while developing new biodiversity conservation programmes throughout the Pacific.
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