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David de Rothschild
Inspired by a UNEP report on marine litter, David de Rothschild made it his business to conduct further research on the topic. David wanted to create a compelling and pioneering adventure that would not only be informative but would also capture the imagination of a global audience and empower them to act more responsibly towards our planet.

Moved to action, David and a handpicked crew of leading scientists, sailors, adventurers, thought leaders and artists plan to set sail approximately 10,000 nautical miles across the Pacific in a boat called the Plastiki, a distinctive, one-of-a-kind 60-foot (20m) catamaran made out of reclaimed plastic bottles, srPET plastic and recycled waste products. Their mission: to beat waste by thinking smart and showcasing how refuse can be used as a resource thus inspiring sustainable solutions for a better Planet 2.0 way of living.

The voyage will sail through a number of exciting, challenging and environmentally-sensitive regions, including the ominously named Great Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch, an area six times the size of England where plastic outweighs plankton by 6 to 1 - essentially, the worlds largest waste dump. Supported by Adventure Ecologys global network, the Plastiki aims to use the expedition to not only raise awareness on out-of-sight and out-of-mind issues facing our planet but also to act as the catalyst to activate change by bringing smart solutions to the forefront.

Developed and built in association with world-leading institutions, engineers, designers, marine architects and sustainability experts, Plastiki exemplifies groundbreaking thinking and sustainable, cradle-to-cradle design solutions at every level by demonstrating that plastic bottles, the everyday iconic pin-up of mass consumption, can be transformed into an effective and useful resource. The vessel will be outfitted with satellite phones and computers ensuring regular feedback for the world.
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