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Mark Schauer
Mark Schauer is the Head of the Central Office of the The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB)' project, which is coordinated by United Nations Environment Programme. The TEEB Central Office is based in Bonn, Germany. Mark is responsible for the overall-coordination of the TEEB project and the creation of the sub-studies and the scientific guidebooks in the TEEB process, working closely with organisations from partner governments and scientific institutions.

Before Mark joined UNEP he worked for the Division for International Nature Conservation of German Federal Ministry for Environment (BMU) as a coordinator for TEEB, which was originally initiated by the BMU and the European Commission, and for other projects which linked economic with ecologic aspects.
He holds a Master Degree in Forestry Management and after his graduation has worked in Europe, southern Africa and southern Asia on nature conservation, linking this objective with economic aspects, poverty alleviation and institutional support programmes.

His professional interests and expertise include the integration of community-participatory programs and biodiversity conservation aspects into the multitude of facets of forestry and landscape management.
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