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Kristian Teleki
Kristian Teleki is Head of the One Ocean Programme at the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre. The One Ocean Programme seeks to synthesise, analyse and disseminate marine and coastal biodiversity knowledge, which not only provides the basis for decision making, but advances the understanding and debate regarding the sustainable use and development of marine and coastal goods and services. It liberates and gives direct, applied relevance to the data and knowledge it accumulates and assesses in order to assist UNEP and other partners to respond appropriately to current and emerging issues of importance for the marine environment, such as, amongst others, climate change, the high and deep seas, marine protects areas, sustainable livelihoods, and the economic valuation of marine and coastal services.

In addition to his UNEP-WCMC duties Kristian has been the Director of the International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN) for the last 8 years. ICRAN has been dedicated to halting and reversing halting the decline in health of the worlds coral reefs through a range of multidisciplinary and multifaceted actions at the local, regional and global level with a number of partners. ICRAN is currently focusing its efforts on establishing a coral reef small grants scheme, building capacity for tropical marine management and stimulating sustainable livelihood diversification in coastal communities to reduce the pressures on coral reefs and adjacent ecosystems.

Before UNEP-WCMC and ICRAN he worked in the Cambridge Coastal Research Unit (undertaking coral reef related research in the Caribbean and Indian Ocean) and the Scott Polar Research Institute. Kristian holds degrees from University of California, Santa Barbara and Cambridge University in marine biology and geography.

Amongst other things Kristian sits on the Editorial Board of Aquatic Conservation: Marine, Freshwater Ecosystems, the Resource Users Group for the European Ocean Acidification Project (EPOCA) and is on the Board of Governors at his childrens school.
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