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Nicolas Gonze
While not abandoning its traditional mandate, UNEP has been requested by its Governing Council through the 2005 Bali Strategic Plan to be more responsive to country needs and priorities. In addition, the UN reform aims among other at strengthening UN support to countries to reach the Millennium Development Goals by streamlining the currently large and diverse UN family at the country-level. In this context, Nicolas is supporting UNEP efforts to engage at the country-level in a more coherent way and strengthen its collaboration with the UN Country Teams to deliver greater results. He has been coordinating the development of an internal guidance note on country-level operations and has been supporting UNEP engagement in few countries including Botswana, Ethiopia, Mauritius and Haiti.

Before joining UNEP, Nicolas worked for UNDP Somalia and held several management positions in the private sector.

Nicolas holds a master in physics and materials science from the University of Louvain and a master in international politics from the University of Brussels.
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