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Anne Walraven
Anne Walraven is currently mastering in Environmental Resource Management at the VU-University in Amsterdam. She just returned from Nairobi, where she conducted a research project at UNEP Headquarters.

Annes passion is climate change: its the field where she wants to make a contribution during the coming years. She has experience in project management, communication, research and social networking.

As a volunteer for Solar Generation International, assisting the project leader of a major Dutch research project about the impact of climate change on urban coastal areas worldwide, and as a former president of the foundation, Students In Free Enterprise - VU, Anne learned about effective ways to combine the climate change-related needs with concrete solutions.

An example is the bigmamma program that was initiated in 2007-2008. Bigmamma is an innovative and interactive internet platform for passionate and entrepreneurial-minded young people in the field of sustainability, climate and environment worldwide. The project addresses two main goals:
It provides an overview of the initiatives of young people in the field of sustainability; and
It gives these initiatives visibility in the international political process, with the general public, and other relevant stakeholders

Meeting these goals increases the impact of these initiatives (and ideas) of young people worldwide and also makes these initiatives more visible for international politicians: it shows them what young people of all different backgrounds and cultures are already doing for a more sustainable world. The spirit and enthusiasm of young people can then feed into the international political process, to the various stakeholders, including governments, businesses and NGOs to show what is already happening within the global youth movement. And that's a lot!

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