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Sherry Ritter
Sherry Ritter works with The Biomimicry Institute as the content editor for She also works with the Biomimicry Guild as a project manager, researcher, and Biologist at the Design Table for a variety of clients.

She started with the Guild in 2004 by adding entries to the Guild's Case Studies database, taking it from approximately 150 case studies to more than 600. Sherry has worked much of her career as a wildlife ecologist for state wildlife agencies, and as a research/management coordinator for the research branch of the U.S. Forest Service. She has a BS and MS in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Sherry lives in Stevensville in western Montana, USA, drawing inspiration every day from the herons, beaver, ospreys, and other inhabitants of the Bitterroot River. Biomimicry brings together her passion and appreciation for nature, her excitement about science, her love for sharing her passions with others, and her goal of a more sustainable way for us to fit in on this planet.
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