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Yoseph Assefa
Yoseph has worked as a researcher on various disciplines in ecology, conservation and environment after graduation (B.Sc. Biology and M.Sc. Botany (Ecology) in 1991 and 2001, respectively. He has also taken several short term trainings on Environment, community development, mountain forestry and Carbon finance.

For the last 15 years Yoseph has worked as Coordinator and Asst. Coordinator for community based organizations. Since 2004, he worked as the country representative for the Ethiopian Tree Fund Foundation; Conservation based NGO established by Diaspora communities with the objective of rehabilitating the degraded land through integrated community based conservation projects.

Currently, the foundation has launched a modified form of Payment for Ecosystem service (the Ethiopian version) where farmers are paid in kind (multipurpose trees, and other eco friendly income generating activities) for their effort for restoring ecosystem services through planting indigenous trees and other conservation activities.

Yoseph was co-lead author of the Biodiversity chapter of GEO-4, through UNEP one year fellowship. He also contributed a chapter (co-author) in the Land use and Mountain Biodiversity, Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment. Currently he is engaged with various climate change networks that are working to promote the concern of most nations affected by climate change.

He recently joined interest groups that are working on ways of optimizing the emerging market opportunities including CDM. The group focuses on capacity building and advocating the interests of LDC in the volunteer market and CDM.
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