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Serban Scrieciu
Serban Scrieciu is a project manager with the Energy Branch of UNEP's Division of Technology, Industry and Economics, and researcher in the area of climate economics. His key responsibilities include managing a project on developing and applying a multi-criteria analysis approach to assessing climate change mitigation and adaptation policies, as well as providing research in the area of climate economics and the developmental impacts of climate policies. He seeks to promote climate change policies that are economically efficient, environmentally effective and socially equitable.
Before joining UNEP, Serban worked for several years in academia at the University of Cambridge and the University of Manchester in the UK. He has published several peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters and reports, and his research interests include alternative economics and the implications for more sustainable development pathways; climate change mitigation, adaptation and development synergies and trade-offs; and land-use change and sustainability. He is particularly interested in the shaping of a new economics discipline that would better account for system dynamics, complexity, evolutionary institutional change, uncertainty and ethics, and with stronger interdisciplinary links spanning the sociological and ecological areas.
Serban holds a Masters degree with distinction in Development Economics from the University of Sussex (UK), and a PhD from the Institute for Development Policy and Management, School of Environment and Development at the University of Manchester (UK).
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