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Aniket Ghai
Aniket Ghai, a Kenyan national, works at UNEP's Environment Management Group secretariat where he is coordinating an assessment of how the UN system can assist countries make the transition to a green economy, as a contribution to the Rio+20 process and beyond. He previously coordinating the UN system's common approach to moving towards climate neutrality. He has been employed by UNEP for the past twelve years, during which he set up and ran the Geneva Environment Network, led UNEP's first-ever assessment of the Palestinian environmental situation, and implemented a programme of environmental capacity building for Palestinians and Israeli-Palestinian environmental cooperation.

Prior to joining UNEP, he worked for several other UN agencies and academic institutions, and consulted for environmental NGOs, the OECD and national government, on issues from climate change, employment creation, environment, development and international trade. He was part of the secretariat teams that negotiated the Rio Earth Summit's Agenda 21, as well as the Climate Change Convention and its Kyoto Protocol, where he specialized in commitments by the industrialized countries.

He holds degrees in political science and economics from Oxford and Columbia Universities.
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